Connect the baby physio dots

Been to see a physio recently? Then you’ve probably got something ‘wrong’ with you. I say this facetiously, because on our professional websites we list endless wrong-things as our selling points, and broadly educate people what not to do; no W-sitting, no baby-equipment, no screens, no ‘this' and certainly no ‘that.' 


It's certainly true that physiotherapists are experts in supporting people who have ‘wrong things’ going on. If you sit on the inside of this profession, you already know that physiotherapists are largely unsung heroes in the disability sector. We work closely with the medical profession in identifying and treating a range of congenital and acquired musculoskeletal, cardiorespiratory and neurodevelopment disorders. 




But here’s the disconnect — and it’s my personal experience. I’ve assessed hundreds of babies with and without motor skill problems. I’ve followed lots of these same babies through to school-age and published the findings in peer-reviewed academic journals. Yet for all the specialist knowledge and skills I have acquired, and despite how passionate I am about helping babies move, at the end of the day it’s uncomfortable to conceptualise that a baby — perhaps your baby — could benefit from physiotherapy. 'Babies' and ‘wrong’ are simply not synonymous. 


Maybe it's time for a new story?


baby physio 16.jpg


Physiotherapy is actually a wellness profession! I am trained to see the movement readiness in your baby. To help you see where they are at right now, and how play can be used to support them moving forward in exploring their world. If you are having ‘normal' troubles with play — with tummy time or crawling or walking… or the myriad of in-between skills — I have a well-stocked bag of tips and tricks, and resources that can help you get back on track.  


And I do understand that sometimes it's about positive re-inforcement. About finding a set of professional eyes to look and ask questions about your baby's development. This is exactly why I offer 'Motor Skill Check-up' appointments at the baby physio clinic -- because it's OK not to know on your new parenting journey, and it's healthy to seek support.


Because movement matters.