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learning movement early
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baby physio

Our physiotherapy services are designed to support your baby in gaining strength and independence for exploring their world. Your baby can benefit from physiotherapy if they have a condition that increases their chance of motor skill delay, or makes it difficult for them to move.

Was your baby born pre-term? Was your baby born with congenital heart disease, or have they had surgery or spent a significant period of time in hospital? Has your baby been diagnosed with cerebral palsy or gross motor delay? Does your baby have plagiocephaly, torticollis, or developmental dysplasia of the hip?

motor skills check up

During this appointment, we will perform an assessment to check for things that may increase your baby's chance of motor skill problems. We perform standardised testing so you can understand exactly where your baby is up to with their development. Each appointment includes take-home strategies for moving your baby's motor skills to the next level.

Are you worried about how your baby is moving? Has your baby 'missed' one of their motor milestones? Does your baby dislike tummy time or do you feel a bit lost with how to play with your baby? Are you worried that your baby is bottom-shuffling, W-sitting, or moving asymmetrically?